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Interior Design

Kitchen Removals
Have a high gloss, matika or veneer finish bench top to move?

No matter what the design, we treat everything the same care and respect.

Moving a kitchen requires ensuring all the pieces are stacked carefully and in a certain order to prevent any damage. What goes out the shop door, should be what goes into your home. The last thing you want is for something to get damaged. We work with many kitchen designers who trust us to move their products.

 Call us today and ask about our Kitchen removal service.

Designer Furniture
Are you in the design business? We move some of the most expensive designer furniture in the country. Furniture designers can come up with some fancy things that aren't your typical shape or style. Knowing how to deal with designer furniture is something you only gain with experience.

Trust someone with the experience and skill to make sure what goes out the door is what your customer gets. Trust CD Carriers.


If you have just bought a new kitchen, the last thing you want is for it to be ruined during the move.

CD Carriers works closely with many kitchen makers who trust us to deliver their products.